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Azueros Peninsula


Costa Colorada is located in the Azueros Peninsula, the loveliest area in all of Panama. Its expanses of rolling green hills bring to mind Italy’s Tuscany or Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region. Balmy Pacific waters lap softly against the miles of idyllic sandy beaches.

As you head out for a relaxing afternoon by the turquoise ocean or provisions at the nearby mini-market, you will be greeted by the local residents. These Las Tablas natives, who have scarcely been touched by contemporary society, freely offer you friendly assistance in their forthcoming manner.

An excellent well developed infrastructure is also offered by the Azueros Peninsula, including:

  • Modern roads
  • Dependable electricity supply
  • Potable tap water
  • Landline and cellular telephone service
  • Up-to-date health centers and hospitals
  • Business activity

Enjoy the perfect blend of modern convenience and peaceful, unspoiled surroundings.